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EurekaSeekers offer a vast range of bespoke party themes to make your child's big day special. We tailor each set of science experiments to your child's interests and provide an hour and a half of unforgettable, scientific sorcery!

Here are our steps to success:

1) Tell us your child's interests

2) Pick three experiments from our bank of themed experiments

3) Select a themed craft from our exciting selection of activities

4) Let us make the magic happen!

Unlike other competitors, all of our parties are bespoke and personal. The party experience is fully immersive and your children will do all the experiments themselves!

Party Pricing
Eurekaseekers PrIces 2022.jpg

The above prices reflect our classic, in person parties (taking place at a venue of your choosing or even your house)
our Kit and Zoom parties where kits are delivered to your door and a LIVE online intractive Zoom party is held.


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